Folder HelpDesk Demonstrations

FolderHelpDesk logotypeWelcome to watch and share these video demonstrations on how to set up and use Folder HelpDesk.


1. Introduction to Folder HelpDesk

A general overview of Folder HelpDesk.

2. Install Folder HelpDesk

Learn how to install Folder HelpDesk on the server and on the clients.

3. Manual conversion of e-mails into tickets

Learn how to convert incoming e-mails into tickets manually.

4. The Folder HelpDesk Setting

Learn how to configure Folder HelpDesk for your organization.

5. Automatic e-mail conversion

Learn how Folder HelpDesk can convert incoming e-mails into incident tickets automatically.

6. Search Open and Closed tickets with Folder HelpDesk search

The Folder HelpDesk Search feature searches all the ticket text and you can search both open and closed tickets.

7. The Folder HelpDesk Excel Reports

Folder HelpDesk generates Excel reports on many different aspects of the ticket management, and you can also create your own reports on the Folder HelpDesk data.

8. The Folder HelpDesk kanban view

Presentation of the kanban view that comes in version 14 of Folder HelpDesk.

9. Customize the Folder HelpDesk ticket form

This demo shows the next version of Folder HelpDesk, which will have a kanban view. You need to have some understanding of HTML code to customize the ticket form.

10. Create a Date Due View for the Folder HelpDesk tickets

Learn how to create an Outlook view that sort tickets after the date they are due.

11. Create a View that shows tickets for selected Responsibles

Learn how to create an Outlook View that filter the tickets so that only the tickets for certain responsible persons are shown.
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