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revision history and current file versions

Current file versions

Filename Version Last changed
EmailConverter.exe 5.0.41 2018-7-13
ECOSPSettings.exe 2018-7-13
ECOSPSettings.pdb   2018-7-13
hShared.dll 2018-7-13
hShared.pdb   2018-7-13
kMiscShared.dll 2018-7-13
kMiscShared.pdb   2018-7-13
kSPShared.dll 2018-7-13
kSPShared.pdb   2018-7-13
kOLShared.dll 2018-7-13
kOLShared.pdb   2018-7-13
kShared.dll 2018-7-13
kShared.pdb   2018-7-13
EmailConverterOSP.dll 2018-7-13
EmailConverterOSP.pdb   2018-7-13
HOSPUpgrade.exe 2018-7-13
HOSPUpgrade.pdb   2018-7-13
SetupActions.CA.dll 2018-7-13
Interop.Redemption.dll 2018-3-13
Interop.ProfMan.dll 2018-3-13
SafeKalmstrom64.dll 2018-3-13
SafeKalmstrom.dll 2018-3-13
System.Web.Extensions.dll 3.5.30729.5420 2018-3-13
SecurityManager.2005.dll 7.1.3141.2005 2018-3-13
Microsoft.IdentityModel.dll 6.1.7600.16394 2018-3-13
Interop.SHDocVw.dll 2018-3-13
Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll 16.0.4300.1000 2018-3-13
AddinExpress.MSO.2005.dll 8.7.4430.0 2017-11-13
adxloader64.dll 8.7.4430.0 2017-9-13
adxloader.dll 8.7.4430.0 2017-9-13
Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll 16.0.6906.1200 2017-9-13
Extensibility.dll 7.00.9466 2017-6-13
Newtonsoft.Json.dll 2017-6-13
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.dll 15.0.4420.1017 2016-12-13
Microsoft.Vbe.Interop.dll 15.0.4420.1017 2016-12-13
Office.dll 15.0.4420.1017 2016-12-13
Office.xml   2015-10-13
System.Net.Http.dll 2012-7-13
ECOSPHTML   2018-7-13
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Revision history

13 Jul 2018 Version 5 released

  • The product name was changed from HelpDesk OSP to E-mail Converter.
  • Replaced the old code with more modern technologies. Using modern technique of interaction with SharePoint. Users will not notice this directly but it will be easier for kalmstrom.com to maintain and develop E-mail Converter in the future.
  • Better support for lists on multiple SharePoint sites by creating a global settings list for each site.
  • Users don't have to define the authentication mode while logging in to a new SharePoint site. Instead E-mail Converter will automatically detect the appropriate authentication mode.
  • An upgrade notification for future updates.
Bug Fix:
Handled e-mail threading in a better way.

02 Jan 2017 Version 4.48 released

Bug Fix:
Fixed an empty message box pop up issue.

02 Mar 2016 Version 4.47 released

Bug Fix:
Fixed an authentication issue to SharePoint online using Active Directory Federated Services.

27 Oct 2015 Version 4.45 released

Support for Outlook 2016.

Bug Fix:
Fixed an error in the e-mail threading feature reported by a single user.

23 July 2015 Version 4.41 released

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed empty message box pop issue.
18 Sept Bug fixes:
  • Fixed issue in adding live monitor folder by mailbox name.
  • Fixed registration issue reported by single user
  • Fixed cache mode issue with shared mailbox.
03 Apr Bug fixes:
  • File in use error.
  • Fixed priority issue when used more than or less than three priorities on SharePoint.
22 Oct Bug fixes:
  • Fixed missing priority, caller category and phone number from the ticket in email to ticket conversion.
26 July Version 4 released

  • Support for the 64-bit version of Outlook 2010 and 2013.
  • Support for Windows 8, also in combination with Outlook 2013
  • Support for SharePoint 2013.
  • Possibility to generate Excel reports on ticket data. OLAP Reporting Tool isl no longer integrated in E-mail Converter. All the standard Excel features can be used in the Excel reports, and you can also create your own reports on the E-mail Converter data.
  • Creation of a new ticket if e-mail threading does not work because there is no earlier ticket. For example, if a user sends an e-mail reply to the ?hardware??? team for case number [123] but the reply gets sent to the ?software??? team by accident. As there is no ticket [123] in the software SharePoint list, a new ticket will be created. Earlier E-mail Converter did not do anything with that e-mail, as the e-mail thread was not possible.
  • For the same global settings list only one user needs to register E-mail Converter
  • Improved performance.
  • For the local SharePoint (using windows authentication) E-mail Converter will not ask for username and password, it will load default automatically.
  • New 2013 style logotype, icons and banners.
Bug fixes:
  • Some users lost their settings when they changed password.
  • In some cases threading was not working fine.
  • If .NET Framework 4.0 is not installed on the PC the setup will give an alert at the time of installation. Earlier that alert was not shown until an executable file was run.
4 April Bug fixes:
  • Office 365 users got an Authentication error due to an update of the login method from Microsoft's side.
  • A few users were getting a "file in use" error sometimes when multiple tickets were created at the same time.
  •  A few users were getting a crashed or stopped working message when they tried to create a ticket manually or by live monitoring.
27 March Bug fix: a few users was getting a blank message when they opened the settings or created a ticket
25 June Enhancement:
E-mail Converter can now take also very big attachment files into the ticket.

Bug fixes:
E-mails were not automatically converted in some cases when Outlook reacted slowly.
In the English version of E-mail Converter, if an e-mail answer came from a non-English Outlook, the e-mail threading did not work. Both these issues are now solved.
20 September New feature:
E-mail Converter is now working also on sub sites of Office 365 SharePoint.

Bux fixes for Outlook 2003 and 2007:
  • The button Convert e-mail on default site was not working, so users had to select list even when using the default one.
  • The button Create Blank ticket on default site was not working properly. Instead of showing the new Caller dialog it was showing the Global Address list to pick caller, like in earlier versions of E-mail Converter.
18 August Version 3 released.

New features and enhancements:
  • New design.
  • Full support of Office 356 SharePoint.
  • New authentication type added: ?Claims-based Authentication??? .
  • It is now possible to change in the Global list.
  • Existing saved credentials for a SharePoint site can now be deleted.
  • Easier login. First E-mail Converter tries to load the default network credentials for authentication. If there is no success it asks for credentials.
  • E-mail Converter will correct the path if a user writes the list URL instead of the site URL when selecting SharePoint site.
  • Possibility to create a blank ticket without using contact info from Contacts or GAL.
  • E-mail Converter Statistics is now showing calculated fields.
  • Ticket ID is added in E-mail Converter Statistics, so now ticket ID is also available for reporting.
  • Improved error handling when login fails
Bug fixes:
  • If a user configured many lists in HelpDesk OSP and used the email threading feature, the thread email was not always added into the list.
  • E-mail Converter Statistics was giving an error if there was (?) in the column name
  • For a few users the E-mail Converter live monitoring flag in Outlook disappeared automatically.
  • When live monitoring was disabled in the from E-mail Converter Settings, an Outlook restart was needed. Now E-mail Converter will stop monitoring instantaneously.
  • Uncheck of the option ?Add Attachments??? was not always working, but E-mail Converter continued to add attachments to tickets.
  • Phone number was not saved when creating a ticket from an Outlook contact.
  • The option "Remember password" in the login window was not working if the dialog came at time of ticket creation.
  • The Merge tickets dialog was showing tickets only from the first page of view. Now all tickets are shown.
  • If no column was selected in the Merge tickets dialog and the user clicked Show tickets, the E-mail Converter Setting hanged and had to be killed from the Task Manger.
28 October New feature: Added Proxy settings in the HelpDesk OSP Settings, so now E-mail Converter will take the IE proxy (default setting) and users can also set custom proxy.
Modification of the Global Settings, since it did not always work the first time earlier.
21 September New feature: Merge SharePoint Tickets. HelpDesk OSP sometime gave a runtime error of timeout due to slow response from SharePoint. Now this is handled and will give a user friendly message.
26 August Improved function:
Earlier the HOSP.dll startup type was ?load on demand??? which meant that the E-mail Converter toolbar sometimes was not showing. Now it is change to ?OnStart???
The automatic monitoring of a folder is also improved. Earlier the E-mail Converter flag in the monitored folder some time was deleted automatically, and it also happened that E-mail Converter did not convert emails to ticket if Outlook was not focused.
26 July E-mail Converter is now fully optimized for Office 2010 32-bit. The buttons can be found under the Home tab, and we have made use of the possibility to have two buttons in one. This means that Create Ticket and Create Ticket In are one button, just as Create New Ticket and Create New Ticket In.

To avoid problems with old versions that are not adapted to new technologies, a warning screen recommending you to upgrade will be shown when your installation is one year old. The message will be shown for two months, with a countdown, and after that HelpDesk OSP will stop functioning. (Most customers upgrade their installations more often than once a year, so they will not even notice that this reminder is added.)
21 June Update due to change of digital signature
29 March Version 2.1
E-mail Converter now supports Forms Authentication.
23 February Two problems fixed:
Apostrophe can now be used in the column names. Earlier a column called for example ???Caller's name??? gave an error.
In the E-mail Converter Configure dialog, if you entered an incorrect URL (with wrong syntax or misspelled) for a SharePoint list, you were still prompted to enter login and password, which was not applicable as the entered site URL did not exist. Now HelpDesk OSP is modified such that if the entered URL path of the SharePoint list is incorrect, the user will be returned to the dialog box where he/she can enter the correct path. And the dialog will have Cancel button, of course.
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