E-mail Converter Demonstrations

E-mail Converter logotypeWelcome to watch and share these video demonstrations on how to set up and use E-mail Converter

We are recording new demos after the name change from HelpDesk OSP to E-mail Converter, and the demos below will be replaced as soon as possible. However, most of what is shown in the demos work in the same way in E-mail Converter as it did in HelpDesk OSP.

For more detailed info, refer to the manual.


1. Presentation

Introduction that shows the basics of E-mail Converter.

2. Installation

Learn how to install E-mail Converter and make the admin/first user configuration of the connection to SharePoint.

3. Auto Conversion

Learn how to set up the E-mail Converter automatic e-mail conversion.

4. E-mail Threading

Learn how to set up the E-mail Converter E-mail Threading feature and get all e-mails about the same case into the same ticket.

5. Statistics

E-mail Converter lets you generate any Excel report on the ticket data. Choose what list and fields should be included.

6. Convert E-mails To Kanban Board

Use E-mail Converter with Kanban Task Manager to convert e-mails to tasks on a SharePoint kanban board. FAQ.

7. Archive Closed SharePoint List Items

Create a workflow that archives a copy of an item when its status is Closed and removes it from its original list. This demo shows an old version of E-mail Converter, then called HelpDesk OSP.

8. SharePoint List RSS feed

Share a E-mail Converter list with an RSS feed. This demo shows another kalmstrom.com product, but the principle is the same for all SharePoint lists.

9. Send auto-e-mail to caller

Create a SharePoint workflow that sends an e-mail to the caller when his/her e-mail has been converted into an E-mail Converter ticket. This demo shows an old version of E-mail Converter, then called HelpDesk OSP.
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