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Convert Outlook e-mails to SharePoint list items

Create new SharePoint list items from Outlook

E-mail Converter logotypeE-mail Converter converts incoming e-mails into SharePoint list items. Rich text, formatting, attached files, embedded images, priority, sender information ‒ all is included in the ticket.

 E-mail Converter has been on the market since 2010, earlier under the name HelpDesk OSP.

With E-mail Converter you can also create SharePoint items from Outlook. The item opens after creation, so that you can fill it out and save it without having to go to SharePoint.

E-mail Converter combines three main parts:
  • Add-in for Outlook, installed on every user’s client machine or on a server placed Outlook for use with OWA. There is no installation on the SharePoint site. Once installed in Outlook, E-mail Converter works with all profiles, for example with an Office 365 Outlook account. FAQ
  • SharePoint Lists. E-mail Converter works with all list templates provided by Microsoft for SharePoint, and they can be highly customized to suit the organization's needs.Excel icon
  • Excel report for performance analysis.

Tickets can be created:

  • Manually from a selected e-mail, appointment or task.
  • Automatically from all e-mails in a defined folder.
  • Manually when an issue is reported in another way. Sender information can be taken from the Outlook contacts or from the Global Address list.

Distribute incoming e-mails from different folders to different SharePoint lists.   FAQ

E-mail threading: add all e-mails for the same case in one SharePoint item.   FAQ
Merge several SharePoint items, or parts of them, into one.

E-mail Converter gives new possibilities:
  • Less is more ‒ SharePoint is doing a lot of the work
  • Great customization possibilities
  • Global Setting by the first user FAQ.

Subscriptions from EUR 158 / USD 190 per month for the Minimum level. We however recommend at least the Medium level, at EUR 183 / USD 209, which also gives you the items on a SharePoint kanban board, a tool for custom item archiving and an app for items management in mobile devices.