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Convert E-mails into SharePoint List Items

E-mail Converter converts incoming e-mails into SharePoint list items. Rich text, formatting, attached files, embedded images, priority, sender information: all can be included in the item.

E-mail Converter comes in three editions, all based on .NET technology: for Outlook, for Azure and for IIS. None of the editions requires an installation on SharePoint.

Manual and automatic conversion with the Outlook edition

E-mail Converter for Outlook and SharePoint iconThe Outlook edition must be installed on every user???s client machine. Conversion can be performed manually and automatically, and new SharePoint list items can be created from Outlook.

Automatic conversion 24/7 with the Web editions

E-mail Converter for Azure and SharePoint iconThe Azure edition is installed on Microsoft Azure, and web site publishing and scheduler configuration are automatic. Get the Azure edition from Azure Marketplace.

E-mail Converter for IIS and SharePoint iconThe IIS edition does not have any dependency on Microsoft Azure or Outlook but can be installed and configured on any local or cloud based Windows server. An admin needs to publish the E-mail Converter web site and configure a scheduler.

The Web editions of E-mail Converter connect to Exchange Web Services, in-house or on Office 365. By default, they convert all new e-mails in the connected mailbox folder(s) into SharePoint list items every 5 minutes.

Common features

  • Distribute incoming e-mails from different mailbox folders to different SharePoint lists.
  • E-mail threading: add all e-mails for the same case in one SharePoint item.
  • Merge several SharePoint items, or parts of them, into one.
  • Excel iconAll editions of E-mail Converter gives a possibility to create and download customized Excel reports for performance analysis.

Combine them!

The Outlook edition can very well be combined with one of the editions for automatic conversion 24/7. That way users can convert e-mails from other mailbox folders than the ones that are monitored by the IIS or Azure edition.


An E-mail Converter subscription at the Minimum level is EUR 158 / USD 190 per month. We however recommend at least the Medium level, at EUR 183 / USD 209, which allows a combination of E-mail Converter editions.

The Medium subscription can also include other products, for example a tool for custom archiving of SharePoint list items.
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