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Document Tagger for SharePoint libraries – dormant

Find the right documents by tagging them with keywords

Document Tagger logotypeA SharePoint site is an excellent platform for sharing and storage of documents, but when the libraries grow big it is often difficult to get an overview of the documents and find the right one among all you have stored.

The kalmstrom.com team has an idea on how to solve the problem of finding the relevant information in SharePoint libraries: Document Tagger. The solution is developed to Beta, but currently there is no development going on to finish the product.

Here you are welcome to learn how far we have come with the Beta. When we continue the development there will be changes, but we will never remove the user's possibility to approve of tags before adding them to a document. It is essential to us that you have control over that part!

Document Tagger analyzes and suggests

Document Tagger analyzes your documents and adds keywords and metadata to your documents and presentations when you press a button – but not until you have had a chance to review the suggestions and discard the ones you don't want.

If you want to add your own metadata, the gold version of Document Tagger will include them so that you can use them with the Document Tagger features.

Document Tagger improves the value of your SharePoint library

Document Tagger not only helps you tag the documents and presentations in your library. Document Tagger also makes it easier and quicker to use those tags to find the files you need among all you have stored in SharePoint. And you keep the full control! Before keywords and metadata you will have a chance to review the suggestions.

Tag documents and benefit from the use of tags

Use the specific Document Tagger features:
  • Upload and tag a file in one flow.
  • Tag one or several files that are already uploaded to SharePoint.
  • Find related documents by clicking a tag.
  • Group keywords and metadata by category for a better overview.
Use the tags with standard SharePoint features:
  • Filter documents by tag.
  • Create views to show documents tagged with one or several keywords.
  • Create a page to show keywords and links to documents tagged with them on the same page.
  • Add a Tag Cloud Web Part to a SharePoint page.

These are only some examples. Microsoft certified SharePoint expert Peter Kalmstrom shows how to do this and more in his Document Tagger demonstrations.

Document Tagger takes care of the tedious task

To manually tag documents with keywords is both boring and time consuming, so often people avoid doing it or do it inconsistently.  Now Document Tagger can analyze your text(s) and suggest keywords and metadata to tag them with. Each keyword is tied to a category, for easier overview and grouping.

Document Tagger keyword suggestions

Full control

You have full control over what keywords should be used for your documents. No keywords or metadata will be added until you approve of it by pressing a button. Before that you can review the suggested words and phrases and uncheck those who are not suitable for the document. The gold version will give even better control by letting you add your own keywords while checking the suggested ones.

New SharePoint button for metadata extraction

Extract Metadata iconDocument Tagger is a sandboxed solution, installed as a list app in a SharePoint site collection. It adds a new feature to SharePoint, and when activated it creates a button for automatic metadata extraction.
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