Calendar Browser V9: press release

HTML5 Gives Calendar Browser Rich GUI And Responsive Layouts

Borgholm, Sweden, 24 June 2014.

Calendar Browser version 9 logo Business Solutions has launched version 9 of its well-known resource scheduling software Calendar Browser, a Microsoft Outlook add-on for booking of corporate resources.

Almost all organizations have common resources that need to be booked in advance, like projectors, equipment, people, rooms or cars. It is necessary that these corporate resources can be booked in a proficient way, so that no conflicts arise.

Calendar Browser version 9 bannerIn Calendar Browser each resource has its own calendar, and you can book any of them by adding a normal Outlook appointment with some extra features in the desired resource calendar. Resources booked by anyone within the organization will be visible to all, and resources can be managed efficiently.

Calendar Browser for Outlook is centrally installed, and only a client tool installation will be needed on PCs where staff should be able to book resources.

Calendar Browser version 9

The new version of Calendar Browser is rebuilt with .NET and HTML5 techniques, which means that advanced functionality like a SharePoint connection can be added in future versions.

"When we use HTML5 with JavaScript to display the Calendar Browser Settings and Overview, we can give a rich graphical user interface along with fast and uninterrupted functionalities that save time for the users", says Lead Developer, Jayant Rimza.

This means that Calendar Browser V9 gives you a much faster loading of the Overview, where all bookings within a selected time range are displayed in different views. The Overview has a new design that makes it even more user friendly and nice to look at. Dates can be selected with both date pickers and arrows, and the month view has a new possibility to filter appointments by resource calendar.

Another modern feature in version 9 of Calendar Browser is the responsive layout. This means that space is automatically adjusted, so that the whole Outlook add-on will easily fit into any screen size.

Calendar Browser subscription & support

The subscribers of Calendar Browser for Outlook will enjoy different benefits depending on the type of subscription (Standard or Premium). However, both subscription levels give full support and free upgrades, and they are valid for the entire organization.

Calendar Browser evaluation

The team understands the necessity of trying any product before subscribing to it, and therefore you may evaluate the fully functional Calendar Browser application for 30 days with complete support.

More info at

For more information about Calendar Browser for Outlook, please have a look at the website. You can also have a word with the support team in their live chat.

The Swedish brand Business Solutions stands for add-ons for Microsoft Outlook and Excel where SharePoint or Exchange is used for storage and sharing. They are all easy to install and utilize and have extensive documentation. The common theme for all the products is that they add functionality to Microsoft products.

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