Calendar Browser Video Demonstrations

Calendar BrowsericonWelcome to watch and share these video demonstrations on how to set up and use Calendar Browser. Some of them show an earlier version, but in these cases the only difference to the current version is in design details. The functions are the same.

For detailed information, refer to the Administrator and User manuals

For all


1. Introduction to Calendar Browser

Short presentation of Calendar Browser for Outlook.

2. Find and Book Resources

Learn how to find free Resources and how to Book Resources and supplies with Calendar Browser.

3. Calendar Browser Overview

Learn how to use the Overview application in Calendar Browser, how to add images to the Overview and how to book resources directly from inside the Overview.

4. Calendar Browser Client Installation

Learn how to install the Calendar Browser client tool on a client machine and how to select Calendar Group.

For admins


5. Calendar Browser Server Installation

Learn how to install Calendar Browser on the Server.

6. Calendar Browser Example Data

Learn how to load example data for your Calendar Browser evaluation: and how to remove them again when you have decided to use Calendar Browser with your own resources.

7. Calendar Browser Administrator Settings

Learn how to configure Calendar Browser to that it suits your organization's needs.

8. Admin Settings for Supplies Management and Notifications

Learn how to set up the Supplies management in the Calendar Browser settings and how to see the orders in the Overview.

9. Calendar Browser Calendar Descriptions

Learn how to create descriptions of your resources in Calendar Browser.

10. Calendar Browser Archive Tool and Excel Reports

Learn how to archive old bookings and how to generate Excel reports for study of how the resources have been used and the costs for them.

11. Create direct booking mailbox Calendars

Learn how to create direct booking mailboxes for use with Calendar Browser.
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