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Try the SharePoint 2016 Preview

SharePoint 2016 Trial tutorials by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint 2016 is the new version of SharePoint that is intended to be installed on your servers, on-premises.

For now, we have the Preview (Beta) version, which gives a good indication of things to come. In a series of demos Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions, shows how to set up a trial environment for the SharePoint 2016 Preview.

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To set up a similar evaluation environment you need a Domain Controller, an SQL server and a SharePoint server. It is possible to run all three roles on one machine, but Peter likes to keep them apart. That way he gets a better performance, and he can re-use the Domain Controller and the SQL server for other purposes.

In his demos Peter installs all three servers in Microsoft Azure, but most of the principles and steps described in the SharePoint 2016 Trial tutorials are the same if you are using your own virtual or physical servers.

This is how Peter sets up his trial environment:

  1. He creates a virtual network and three new virtual machines. Two of them are based on specific Azure templates that contain the SharePoint 2016 Beta and the latest Beta version of SQL Server. The third is a Windows Server 2012.

  2. He adds the new virtual machines to the Remote Desktop Connection Manager

  3. He promotes the Windows Server 2012 machine to Domain Controller and joins the other two machines to the newly created domain.

  4. He sets the SQL Server permissions and turns off the firewall on the SQL Server machine (not recommended for production).

  5. He creates managed accounts for the SharePoint farm account and the SharePoint services account.

  6. He runs the SharePoint setup wizards to complete the SharePoint 2016 installation.

  7. He makes a quick walkthrough of the new look and points out some of the new features, especially the hybrid features that allow you to connect an on-premises SharePoint server with an online SharePoint.

SharePoint 2016 Trial tutorials

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