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Create a SharePoint Survey

A SharePoint tutorial by Peter Kalmstrom

SharePoint logoThe SharePoint Survey is convenient to use whenever you want to ask team site members about something.

In the demonstration below Peter Kalmstrom, Microsoft certified SharePoint specialist and trainer, shows how to create a survey. His example is a questionnaire to ask about peoples lunch preferences, but of course you can use the SharePoint survey for more serious purposes also. Peter's survey has two questions, one of the choice type with radio buttons and one of the rating scale type.

At the end of the demonstration Peter shows how to allow multiple answers, which is good if you want to test a survey before you create it in the place where you want it.

The results can be saved to an Excel spreadsheet, and you can also see them in a graphic presentation.

Peter uses SharePoint 2013 for his demonstration, but the Survey is similar in SharePoint 2007 and 2010. It also works in the same way on premise and in the cloud.

Create a SharePoint Survey Step by Step

  1. Open the Site Contents.
  2. SharePoint Survey app iconClick on "add an app".
  3. Search for survey.
  4. Click on the Survey icon to create a new survey.
  5. Give the survey a name and click on Create.
  6. Open the newly created survey and click on the Settings link.
    SharePoint Global Navigation Links

  7. Click on Add Questions.
  8. In the dialog that opens, write a question and select answer type.
  9. Give answer options and change any other settings as needed.
  10. Click on either Next Question or Finish.
  11. (If you want to allow people to answer more than once, or if you want to test your survey, open the Survey Settings under the Settings.
  12. Click on List name, description and navigation.
  13. In the dialog that opens, change the default No for "Allow multiple responses?" into Yes. Click on Save.)

Note that surveys don't support workflows, so if you want to save the survey and its results, you cannot use a workflow to archive the Survey items to another SharePoint list. Instead you can export the survey to an Excel spreadsheet or use the kalmstrom.com Solution SP Archive for a more customized export to a database.

SP Archive for SharePoint logotypeWith SP Archive you can select exactly what survey items you want to save, and when you have them in a database there are many options on how to handle the information.

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