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Create a Content Type for Project Documents

A SharePoint Online Exercise by Peter Kalmstrom

SharePoint iconContent types are used to give SharePoint items the desired look and content. In the demo below Peter Kalmstrom, CEO of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions and Microsoft certified SharePoint specialist and trainer, explains how to create such a content type.

Peter has chosen Project libraries on different sites as example. A content type specifies which columns should be used, and with a library template he can quickly create libraries with the same design and settings.
Word 2016 icon
A Word template ensures that each project document give the same kind of metadata.

In Peter's example each department has its own site and its own projects library, but he also shows two ways to display projects from all sites on the home page of the site collection.

These are the steps described in the demo below:
  1. Create a new content type.
  2. Create a Project Managers list.
  3. Add site columns to the content type.
  4. Create a new document library.
  5. Connect the content type to the document library.
  6. Add the content type columns to the default library view.
  7. Modify the Word template and incorporate the content type fields.
  8. Create an Overdue view and a view that fetches Project Managers from the list created in step 2.
  9. Save the library as a template.
  10. Create new libraries from the template.
  11. Two options to show all projects on the root site of the site collection.

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