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Add a Footer to a SharePoint Master Page

A SharePoint Online Exercise by Peter Kalmstrom

SharePoint iconA SharePoint master page contains a site's page design and layout. It can be customized in SharePoint Designer 2013.

In the demo below Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions, shows how to change a SharePoint master page so that a custom footer is added to all pages in a site, but not to dialogs.

SharePoint custom footer

The method only works for pages with the classic experience interface. The new page model does not use a Master page, and currently there is no easy way to customize a page that has the new experience interface.

Note that generally neither the kalmstrom.com team nor Microsoft recommend modifying the master page. Sometimes it is however the only way to do things and therefore we have chosen to publish this article.

The HTML code given below adds the text '?? Contoso Bicycles' in white on a black background to the footer of all pages in the site. The class excludes dialogs.

Add a footer

  1. Open a SharePoint site in SharePoint Designer 2013. (How to install)
  2. Find the .master page that you want to customize, by default 'Seattle.master'.
  3. Modify this code with colors and text as you want it, and add it right before the end of the workspace PlaceHolderMain section:
    <div id="Footer" class="s4-notdlg"
    style="background:black;color:white">&copy; Contoso Bicycles</div>

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