Combine SharePoint and Project

A SharePoint Online tutorial by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint iconMicrosoft Project is a project management software with powerful features that help managers develop plans, assign tasks, track progress, manage budgets and analyze workloads.

Project can be used with SharePoint, and thereby Project tasks can be shared with  users who don't need all the project management features but just want to have an overview over tasks.

The synchronization is not automatic. Whether you create new items in SharePoint or Project, click on the Sync button in Project to update SharePoint with the data from Project and get any changes made on the SharePoint side into Project (including live views, permissions and versions).

In the first demo below Peter Kalmstrom, CEO and Systems Designer of Business Solutions, shows how to save a Project file to a SharePoint Tasks list.

Sync Project file with SharePoint Tasks list

  1. In Project, open the file and Save as. Select the option 'Sync with SharePoint'.
  2. Select a new or existing site and verify it.
  3. Select the list you want to use and click on Save.
Now items are created in the Tasks list from all the Project items, and links are established between the Project and SharePoint fields. The Project file itself will be saved in the SharePoint Site Assets library.

You can also do the other way around and open a SharePoint tasks list in Project. Even if you use Project to view the data, everything (like views and permissions) is stored in SharePoint.

Sync SharePoint Tasks list with Project

There are two methods to open a SharePoint tasks list in Project:
  • In the SharePoint list, click on the Projects button under the ribbon LIST tab.
  • Copy the URL to the SharePoint site. Open Project, click on the 'New from SharePoint Tasks List' button and paste the URL. Then click on the 'Check Address' button and select the list you want to open in Project.
Now a new Project file will be created, connected to the SharePoint list and added to the SharePoint Site Assets.

The demo below shows a product, Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint, but you can do the same with any SharePoint list that is built on the Tasks template.

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