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Create a Site Collection

A SharePoint Online tutorial by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint iconA site collection is a kind of container that groups together related SharePoint sites and security data for these sites.

These are the steps to create a new site collection in Office 365 SharePoint:
  1. In the left corner of the Office 365 page, click on the App Launcher icon and select the Admin button.
  2. the Office 365 admin center? will open.
  3. Open the Admin centers Accordion and click on SharePoint.
  4. The SharePoint admin center will open. Here you can also see the already existing site collections.
  5. Click on the New? Button in the ribbon and select Private Site Collection.
  6. A,new site collection? dialog will open.
  7. Fill out the entries and click on,OK.
  8. It might take 15 minutes and longer to create the new site collection.

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