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Show Connected List Data in Display Form

A SharePoint Online tutorial by Peter Kalmström

In the previous demo Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions, explained how to connect a Customers list app part where country was one of the metadata with a Countries list app part. The result lets users click on a country to see all customers from that country.

In the demo below Peter uses the same two lists, but he will create a new kind of connection. He will enhance the display form of the Countries list, so that all customers from that country in the Customers list are shown when you open a country list item.

Enhance a list item display form to show data from another list

Before Peter starts editing the form he opens the Site Settings and selects Yes to "Open forms in a dialog" under Advanced settings. This is not necessary for the connection to work, but Peter prefers to see the display form in a dialog instead of in a new window.
  1. In the Countries list, the ribbon LIST tab and click on 'Form Web Parts'.
  2. Select 'Default Display Form' ad it will open in edit mode.
  3. Click on the link 'Add a Web Part' and select the Customers list web part. Click on Add.
  4. The Customers list web part gets added to the top. Minimize it and drag it below the Countries list web part. Then restore the list again.
  5. (Click on Stop Editing as a security measure, in case the next step fails. The page is saved automatically when you stop editing.
  6. Open the Default Display form again, as in step 1 and 2.)
  7. Open the accordion in the top right corner of the Countries list web part and select Connections.
  8. Select 'Provide Row To'.
  9. In the pop-up dialog, select 'Get Filter Values From'.
  10. Click on Configure.
  11. Connect the Country field in the Provider to the Country field in the Consumer.
  12. Click on Finish and Stop Editing.
Now users can open a country item and see all customers from that country.

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