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Customize the Outlook Weather Forecast

An Outlook tutorial by Peter Kalmstrom

Outlook iconThe calendar weather forecast is a new feature in Outlook 2013. By default it shows the weather in New York, and the Fahrenheit temperature scale is used.

The setting does not follow the local settings of your operating system, so you have to customize it yourself to get the forecast – or forecasts – you are interested in.
In the demo below Peter Kalmstrom shows how to do it.

Outlook calendar weather

Change or add location

Outlook calendar weather locationTo change the location from New York to something else, select New location in the dropdown. You can add several locations

and switch between them to see the weather forecast for several places.

Write in a name and click on the magnifying glass to get a list of possible locations. Select the one you want, and you will get the local weather for that place.

Add more locations if you so wish.

Remove location

Outlook calendar weather location To remove New York or another location, select it in the list of locations and click the little x to the right of the name.

Switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius
If you want the temperature to be displayed by the Celsius scale, go into the calendar settings and change the preferred scaled there.

Outlook calendar temperature scale setting



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