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Flow that posts to Facebook

An Office 365 tutorial by Peter Kalmström

Office 365In the previous article you learned how to create a flow that sends a range decision request for each new item that is added to a Products list.

In this tutorial in the Office 365 from Scratch series, Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions, shows how to expand the earlier flow to post a message to Facebook when the SharePoint list has been updated with a range decision. To create this flow we will use the Facebook service. To do that we will need to add a connection between our Microsoft Flow account and the Facebook account.

Facebook message posted by a Microsoft flow.

Peter utilizes the flow created in the previous article. If you don’t know how to create a flow, please go back to the previous article to learn how to create a first Microsoft flow

Steps to create the Facebook flow:

    Microsoft Flow
  1. In the Products list, click on 'Flow' and select 'See your flows'.
  2. Click on the pencil icon of the flow 'Send decision email to Antonio' to update this flow.
  3. Right after the Update step, Select 'New step' and then 'Add an action' to select the action 'Facebook – Post to my timeline'. This action will be responsible for posting to the timeline of your Facebook profile.
  4. To build the Status message:
    How to build Facebook status in Microsoft flow
    • write 'New product launched:'
    • append the Microsoft parameter 'Title'
    • write text 'In the'
    • append the Microsoft parameter 'SelectedOption'
    • write text 'range!'
  5. Rename the flow to 'Send decision email to Antonio and post to FB' to be more descriptive.
  6. Click on 'Update flow'.
  7. Click on 'Done' to finalize the flow.
  8. To test the flow, add a new item in the Products list and make sure an email is sent. Select a range in the email and make sure that the Status message is posted to Facebook

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