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Create Discussion Forum in SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint icon A discussion forum or discussion board is a virtual room where teachers and students can discuss various aspects of the subject and the courses.

These are the steps to create a Discussion forum/board with SharePoint 2013.
  1. Go to the site settings gear on the top right of the screen.
  2. Click on Site contents.

    Settings Icon
  3. Under Site Contents, click on Add an app?.

    Add apps
  4. Select the app Discussion Board and click on it.

    Add Discussion Board app
  5. An Adding Discussion Board dialog will open. Write the name you want to assign that board.
  6. Click on Create.

    Create Board Name
  7. Under Site Contents you can see the Discussion Forum in the Quick Launch and in the Apps.
  8. Click on the Quick Launch link or the app icon.

    Discussion Board Created
  9. A Discussion Forum will open. Click on new discussion.

    New discussion icon
  10. A form will open. Write a subject and body text.
  11. Check the Question box, if you have a question that you want to discuss in the forum.
  12. Click on Save.

    Add New Discussion
  13. The subject and body text will be displayed on the board.

    Add subject and body
  14. You can choose the Alert option if you want to receive a notification when any activity occur in the discussion forum.
  15. Right click on the ellipsis (...) and select the Alert me option.
    (You can also reach the Alert me option via LIST tab.)

    Alert me
  16. New Alert window will open.
  17. Make the necessary settings.

    Alert settings
  18. Click OK.

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