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Archive SharePoint List Items in SP 2010 and 2013

A SharePoint tutorial by Peter Kalmstrom

Follow the steps below to create a workflow for archiving SharePoint items in a separate list.

In this example items with the status Closed in the Main list gets copied to an Archive list and then deleted from the Main list. The screenshots and the first demo below shows SharePoint 2010, while the second demo shows SharePoint 2013.

For a more detailed description, refer to the HelpDesk OSP Workflow manual or see the video demonstration below.
  1. Create a template from the Main list:

  2. Then create a new list - the Archive list - built on that template:

  3. In SharePoint Designer, create a new workflow attached to the Main list and set it to start automatically when an item is changed.

  4. Define the Conditions:

  5. And the Actions:


  6. If you wish to delete the ticket from the Main list, define another action to do that:

  7. Check the workflow, and Finish if it is ok.

  8. Close a test ticket in the Main list. Then it should show up in the Archive list. If you set an action to delete the item, the ticket should also disappear from the Main list.

Peter Kalmström shows the process in detail

     SharePoint 2010

      SharePoint 2013