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Even if the kalmstrom.com Solutions are built to be easy to use, they work in a complex environment and problems may occur. Sometimes a remote session is the quickest way to solve an issue, and after testing several third party applications we have found TeamViewer to be the best for our requirements. In a perfect world no remote sessions are necessary, but in reality they are, and we can only try to make them as smooth as possible.

TeamViewer works behind firewalls, and it is a very safe product. The data channels are completely secure with key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding. This is the security standard also used by https/SSL. No installation is needed on your computer.

Process, detailed description
  1. You get an invitation to a remote session, either by e-mail from the kalmstrom.com support or in a kalmstrom.com support chat. TeamViewer dialog
  2. Run the kalmstrom.com
    TeamViewer exe
    on the machine
    you have trouble with.
  3. The kalmstrom.com
    TeamViewer exe opens a dialog
    where you are shown login details
    that you should give to the kalmstrom.com technician.
  4. Call kalmstrom.com via the online
    chat and select the technical department. Give the login details to the kalmstrom.com technician who answers your call and explain that you have been invited to a remote session. If you can give the ticket number of your support case, it is all
    the better.
  5. When you have given the login details to our technician the connection is up quickly, and your screen will be shared automatically. By giving the login details to the kalmstrom.com technician you allow him to see and manage your screen.


The chat conversation during remote sessions must be held in English. However, as our technician will see your screen and you can demonstrate your issues, you don't have to be fluent in English to manage a remote session.

TeamViewer automatically adopts the language selected for your operating system if it is German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean or Turkish. In other cases English will be used.


If you don't already have the kalmstrom.com TeamViewer exe on your computer you must either run it directly or run it after download. Different browsers behave differently:

Internet Explorer and Opera ask if you wish to run or save the file. Then you can just select to run it (if you don't wish to download it first, of course).

In Google Chrome and Firefox you must first save the file and then click the file to run it.

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