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Problem Expenses: How does the Expenses tracking feature in TimeCard work?

Expenses: How does the Expenses tracking feature in TimeCard work?

With the Expenses feature enabled in TimeCard, users can report their expenses at the same time as they report time.

Expenses can be added to an appointment in two ways:

1. In the Outlook Calendar view, select an appointment and click on the Expenses button in the TimeCard ribbon group.

2. Inside an appointment the same group can be found in the ribbon.

TimeCard for Outlook appointment ribbon group

To add expenses to an appointment, click on the Expenses button, and the Expenses dialog will open.

Fill out the fields and click OK.

TimeCard for Outlook Expenses dialog

The expenses are reported when you report time and TimeCard data.

The expenses are saved to the database and shown in the statistics and in the Excel report, just like the TimeCard data.

The Expenses feature must first be enabled in the Global Settings (Workgroup version) or in the Settings (Single version).

When the box is checked, you are given a possibility to edit the Expense labels.

TimeCard for Outlook Expenses Settings

Acknowledgements to Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council who sponsored the development of the TimeCard Expenses feature.
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