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ProblemApp Catalog: How can I create a SharePoint Online app catalog for the User add-in?

App Catalog: How can I create a SharePoint Online app catalog for the User add-in?

Microsoft has announced that apps for SharePoint will be renamed into add-ins, and the catalog will subsequently be called add-in catalog instead of app catalog. But here we call it app catalog, because that is what it still says in the interface we have.

An app catalog is a type of site collection that is used for storing apps for your organization"s internal use. This article shows how to create an app catalog for Templates Manager User Add-in, how to upload the Templates Manager User APP file to the app catalog and how to add Templates Manager User to a site.

(To perform this steps you must have full permission over the SharePoint tenant.)

  1. Click on the App Launch icon.

  2. Select the Admin app.

    Go to the Admin app

  3. The Office 365 admin center will open.

  4. Expand the 'Admin centers' Accordion and select SharePoint.

    Go to the Office 365 admin center to reach to the SharePoint admin center

  5. The SharePoint admin center will open.

  6. Click on "apps" and then on the App Catalog link.

    Select apps and then App Catalog link

  7. Keep the radio button selected for "Create a new app catalog site" and click OK

    Create new app catalog

  8. Fill out the entries in the form and click OK.

    Fill out entries to create app calatog Site collection

  9. An app catalog site collection has been created.

  10. Click on the new link to the app catalog site collection.

    Link created

  11. A site collection properties dialog will open.

  12. Click on the address.

    Site collection address

  13. Select "Apps for SharePoint".

  14. Click on "New" and browse to the app file you want to upload.

    Add your add

  15. The app file has been added.

    App file added

  16. Open the site collection where you want to add an app from the catalog.

  17. Click on "Site Contents" in the Quick Launch and then click on "New" and select "App".

    Add app file

  18. A "Your Apps" window will open.

  19. Click on "From Your Organization". Select the app and then trust it.

    Add app from here

  20. Now the app will appear under Site contents (it may take some time to setup).

    App has been added
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