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Problem Custom fields: The values in the custom fields of the articles are not saved.

Custom fields: The values in the custom fields of the articles are not saved.

You can add custom fields to KBase articles under the Custom Properties tab in the settings.

KBase Settings

However, if a custom property is given a name that is already used in Outlook, the data you enter in your custom field will not be saved. Therefore, if you notice that data from your custom field is not saved, try with another name for it.

These are the default names in the KBase article form. Please don't use them in your custom fields. IDs
Article ID
Created by

There are also Outlook reserved captions to consider. Do not use a custom property name that is a name for an Outlook item field (e.g. Subject, Company, Conversation, Message, Modified etc.). Most of these names are included in the list below, even if it is not quite complete.

Frequently-used fields
Attachment, Categories, Contacts, Conversation, Created, Do Not AutoArchive, Due Date, Flag Status, Follow Up Flag, From, Icon, IMAP Status, Importance, Message, Originator Delivery Request, Read, Received, Recipient Name, Reminder, RSS Feed, Sensitivity, Sent, Size, Start Date, Subject, Task Subject, To

Address fields
Bcc, Cc, Have Replies Sent To, To,

Date/Time fields
Defer Until, Expires, Flag Completed Date, Modified

Document fields
Abstract, Author, Bytes, Category, Characters, Check In Time, Checked out to, Comment, Comments, Company, Content Type, Creation Time, Document Posted, Document Printed, Document Routed, Document Saved, Document Subject, Edit Time, Entity Tag, Header Status, Hidden, Hidden Slides, Identifier, Language, Last Author, Last Saved Time, Lines, Lock Discovery, Manager, Multimedia Clips, Notes, Pages, Paragraphs, Presentation Format, Printed, Read Only, Resource Type, Revision Number, Slides, Supported Lock, Template, Title, Unique Identifier, Words

Mail fields
Auto Forwarded, Billing Information, Changed By, Defer Until, E-mail Account, Expires, Flag Completed Date, Have Replies Sent To, Header Status, In Folder, InfoPath Form Type, Message Class, Mileage, Modified, Offline Status, Originator Delievery Request, Outlook Data File, Outlook Internal Version, Outlook Version, Read Receipt Requested, Relevance, Remote Status, Retrival Status, Retrival Time, Send From Sensitivity, Signed By Size on server, Tracking Status, Voting Response

Contact fields
Address Selected, Address Selector, Anniversary, Assisstant's Name, Assisstant's Phone, Birthday, Business Address, Business Address City, Business AddressContry, Business Address
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