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Problem Automatic e-mail conversion: How can we use an Outlook rule to forward incoming e-mails to a folder monitored by Folder HelpDesk?

Automatic e-mail conversion: How can we use an Outlook rule to forward incoming e-mails to a folder monitored by Folder HelpDesk?

In Microsoft Outlook you can create rules for incoming e-mails. A rule performs an action automatically, based on the conditions you have specified. For example, an e-mail can be moved from the inbox to a specific folder according to the condition you have assigned to the rule.

Note that rules do not apply to e-mails that have been read. They only apply to unread e-mails.

To create rules for Outlook follow the steps below:
  1. Open Outlook and click on the Rules button under the HOME tab.
  2. Select Create Rule"

    Rules button in Outlook
  3. A Create Rule dialog will open. Here you can select conditions through checkboxes (Refer to the image below).
    • You can create a rule for a specific person. When he/she sends you an e-mail, it will automatically be moved to the specific folder that you will assign.
    • You can also specify a word (For example, Folder HelpDesk ) in the subject. When an e-mail subject contains that word, the e-mail will automatically be moved to the folder that you will assign.

  4. Create Rule dialog

  5. Click on Select Folder" A Rules and Alerts dialog will open. Under "Choose a folder", select a folder or click on New"
    • When you click on New" A "Create New Folder" dialog will open. Write the name you want to give to the folder (for example, "FHDLiveMonitoring" in the image below) and click OK.

    • Rules and Alerts dialog

    • Now a folder named FHDLiveMonitoring is created.

  6. Create Rules dialog after selecting folders

  7. Click OK. A Success dialog will open. To run this rule on messages already in the current folder, check the checkbox.
  8. Now click on OK. The rule is created.

  9. Success dialog

  10. In the Outlook ribbon, click Configure in the Folder HelpDesk ribbon group.

  11. Folder HelpDesk buttons in the ribbon

  12. A Configure dialog will open.
  13. Click on the E-mail Folders tab to set Folder HelpDesk to monitor a folder. Folder HelpDesk will then automatically pick up all incoming e-mails to that folder and convert them into tickets.
  14. Click the + sign to add a folder. If you wish the folder to be a public folder, click OK and you are asked to select a folder. For a shared mailbox the name of the folder must be written in.
  15. Click OK, and the folder will be monitored by Folder HelpDesk.

  16. Folder HelpDesk V13 configuration dialog

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