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kalmstrom.com Community Premium Subscription

Premium Subscription iconWelcome to join the kalmstrom.com Community as a Premium Subscriber!

This Subscription level is designed for bigger companies and organizations who want their own logo on our product and don't want to hassle with registrations. Assisting the Premium Subscribers is always our first priority.

Premium Subscriber benefits

  • VIP treatment in all contacts. We consider requests from all Subscribers, but we listen extra carefully to Premium Subscribers. And a Premium Subscriber with a problem will be assisted with highest priority. FAQ
  • Organizational Licenses for all kalmstrom.com Solutions requested by the Premium organization.
  • Direct contact with our CEO and Systems Designer, Peter Kalmström, if so requested.
  • A unique copy of the requested kalmstrom.com Solution. This copy can have the Premium organization logo on the major forms.
  • No registration is necessary, as the registration module is removed in the Premium copy. Because of this, the Premium copies can be used in closed environments.
  • The Premium copy is updated every time the standard version is updated ‒ sometimes even more often ‒ and it is downloaded from a protected site.
  • Unlimited number of users within the Premium organization for all kalmstrom.com products.
  • Support and free upgrades for all the kalmstrom.com products used by the Premium organization.  Support terms
  • Premium subscribers who want to have the security of owning the source code may purchase the source code for the kalmstrom.com Solution(s) they use for a one time payment of EUR 5000 / USD 6500 per product. The source code will be updated each time the product is updated, as long as the organization is a Premium Subscriber.


All prices are per company or organization. There is no per user fee.

Yearly payments

EUR 4800 / USD 7200 per year
If you wish to pay with credit card or a bank transfer once a year, we will be happy to send you an invoice for the fees of the first year. A renewal invoice will then be sent each year for as long as you wish to keep the subscription. Please contact our Sales Department!

Montly payments

USD 600 per month + a one-time payment of USD 2000
The subscription fee is taken from your credit card every month, and the one time payment may be made with the first monthly fee. You can pay in most currencies, but the price is fixed in in USD. When you select monthly payments, we also require a one-time payment of USD 2000 to create the first Premium copy.


When you have made your first payment we will send you a welcoming e-mail with information. Answer it with your logo attached or linked to, and tell us what product(s) you want to use and who is the responsible person(s) at your organization. We need maximum two weeks for your register free copy with your logo.


You have the right to receive Premium Licenses of all our products, but we suggest that you don't request them all at one time. Each product requires a learning period, so we recommend that your organization takes one step at a time.

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions requests a name and an e-mail address for one contact person per kalmstrom.com product. This may be the same person, but for support and information we need to know who is responsible for each of our products within the Premium organization.

The subscription gives the Premium organization the right to use its unique Organizational versions of all kalmstrom.com software as long as the subscription fee is paid. The subscription can be cancelled at any time by the Premium organization.


At a cancellation, the kalmstrom.com products licensed to the organization will continue to work, but no support will be given. As no upgrades are allowed, the products will not function with updated Microsoft platforms.
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