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kalmstrom.com Minimum Plan

EUR 1890 / USD 2200 per year

or EUR 158 per month

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The Minimum plan gives the organization access to one kalmstrom.com SharePoint solutions with support, upgrades
and free use within the organization.

Yearly payments

The subscription fee is paid once a year, with credit card or a bank transfer. Please contact our Sales Department for an invoice with payment details.

After payment we will send a payment confirmation. We will then send an invoice for renewal each year, as long as you don't cancel the subscription.

Monthly payments

The monthly subscriptions are managed via our payment partner PayPal. The fee is taken automatically from your credit card each month, and no invoices are sent. You can pay in most currencies, but the fee is fixed in euro.

You will get a welcoming e-mail from kalmstrom.com after the first payment, but beyond that we send no receipts.


Pay via PayPal

Registration key

When you have made your first payment, we will send you a welcoming e-mail with information and the registration key within 24 hours after payment received.


kalmstrom.com Business Solutions requests a name and an e-mail address of a contact person. For support and information we need to know who is responsible for our product within the subscribing organization.

The subscription gives the right to use the kalmstrom.com solution as long as the subscription fee is paid. The subscription can be cancelled at any time by the subscribing organization, but after cancellation the organization may no longer use the kalmstrom.com solution licensed to the organization.