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Do you like a product but want to change or improve it? We can help you with that.
  • dev.lic.
  • unique product
  • no upgrade guarantee


A customization means in short that we assist Developer Members or customers who buy a Developer License with a one time payment in customizing our product after their needs.

The changes we make will only be applied on the copy that this special organization uses, not to the standard product, and we make no promise regarding future upgrade possibilities. Maybe new adaptations will be necessary further on. The kalmstrom.com team will be happy to help with those, but we need to charge for them again.

The customer bears the full cost for the customization, and he gets a unique product and the complete source code for it.


If you want the kalmstrom.com team to customize a product, please send us a detailed description on how you want the product with the new feature to work.

You don't have to give us solutions, that is our expertise, but you must explain how the end result of the customization should work. Often there are some discussion back and forth before a final solution is decided on.

After that we send you an offer, and if it is accepted you pay half the cost for the customization. The remaining sum is paid after you have tested and approved of the product.
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