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The kalmstrom.com Team

The kalmstrom.com team is the key to our success. We have full control over the kalmstrom.com Solutions, as we develop and support them ourselves, within the team.

Development and Programming

The kalmstrom.com developers are all experts on Outlook and SharePoint, the platforms we build on, and they master all modern programming languages and techniques. Even more important is that they are inventive and see new possibilities. They understand how people work with the kalmstrom.com products and always look for the most user friendly solutions to development challenges.

Peter Kalmström image Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer, MCP, MCT

Peter has the overall responsibility for product design and services. He has built the company from scratch and continues to oversee the development of all products. Peter is also the primary contact for customers who need custom solutions or enhancement contracts. Founder
Jayant Rimza image Jayant Rimza
Lead Developer, MCP
Jayant is the director of our Indian branch. He has been with us since 2009 and knows every detail in the kalmstrom.com Solutions. He works closely with Peter to make sure the kalmstrom.com software gets the best possible system design and coding.
Jitendra Patidar image Jitu Patidar
Senior Developer, Technical Support Lead
Jitu is responsible for the kalmstrom.com Support. As Jitu has been with kalmstrom.com since 2012 and worked with our support most of that time, he has a deep understanding of our products and knows most of our customers and their environments.
Kratika Garg photo
Kratika Garg
Senior Developer
Abhishek Sharma photo
Abhishek Sharma
Senior Developer
Faheem Ansari photo
Yesh Agrawal
Senior SharePoint Developer

Faheem Ansari photo
Faheem Ansari
Software Developer

Testing and Quality Assurance

Vijayant Rimza imageVijayant Rimza
Lead QA Engineer

Thanks to Vijayant, the kalmstrom.com Solutions have the best functionality and user interface and fits well into the Microsoft platforms we build on. Vijayant has been with kalmstrom.com since 2011.
Navendu Sahu image
Navendu Sahu

QA Engineer
Mayank Gharewal image
Mayank Gharewal

QA Engineer
Shubham Yadav image
Shubham Yadav

QA Trainee

Sales, Documentation, Marketing

Kate Kalmstrom image
Kate Kalmström
Rituka Rimza image
Rituka Rimza
Dipti Francis image
Dipti Francis
CCO, since 2007 responsible for the kalmstrom.com website. General Manager, responsible for customer care, HR, marketing, sales. Team member since 2014. Business
Writer, responsible for product documentation, assists in sales.


Sigge Kalmstrom image Sigge Kalmström Vipul Dindulkar image
Vipul Dindulkar
Vipul Dindulkar image
Rohit Surwase
CFO since 2007. Sigge makes sure we have
funds for salaries and investments.
Office Manager, since 2011. Handles the Indore office  employments, finances and legal matters. Office Assistant, since 2011. Thanks to Rohit the Indore office is a nice, well functioning working site.
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