Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint Press Release

New Features for Managers
and Users in Updated Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Editions

Kanban Task Manager banner

Borgholm, Sweden, 24 May 2016

Kalmstrom Enterprises AB is happy to announce the release of a major update of the two SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager. The updated versions have features that will be appreciated by managers as well as users who just want to see their own tasks.

 More views and graphic indicators, a possibility to move tasks to other kanban boards and a "My Open Tasks " web part are among the new features.

Month and Project views
The SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager visualize SharePoint tasks as color coded cards on a kanban board with phases and lanes. Now it is also possible to view the tasks in a Month view and Project view. These new views give managers good overviews of task distribution over time and among projects.

My Open Tasks
Kanban Task Manager gives managers and team leaders a lot of information about project and task statuses, but users who only need to see their own tasks now have a better option than filtering the tasks on the kanban board.

The new editions have a web part called "My Open Tasks", that can be inserted in any editable page on the site where Kanban Task Manager has been activated. This web part shows only the current user's open tasks, sorted first by priority and then by created date. The tasks have the same color coding as on the kanban board, and there is a search box for the tasks but no other features. This means that the web part is simple and very easy to use.

Move tasks between kanban boards
Many subscribers use several installations of Kanban Task Manager, for example one kanban board per department or team. Having the projects and tasks for different groups gathered in sites within one SharePoint site collection with a common top navigation is convenient for managers, who can easily supervise several teams by switching between the kanban boards.

Now it is also possible for users to move tasks from one kanban board to another. When this is allowed by the Kanban Task Manager admin, users can easily select among the installations to what board the tasks should be moved. Due to add-in permission issues, this feature is only given in the sandboxed solution edition of Kanban Task Manager.

Two editions
The demo below shows the sandboxed solution edition of Kanban Task Manager, but the add-in edition has the same features, except for the moving tasks between kanban boards mentioned above.

Free trial

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions offers a trial period of 30 days for both the SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager (Add-in/App and Sandboxed Solution). There is a possibility to create Example data, so the evaluation can be quick and smooth.

During the evaluation the kalmstrom.com team offers full support, just as support and upgrades are included for organizations that subscribe to Kanban Task Manager.

Brand and company
Peter Kalmström and his team develop and market add-ons for Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint and Excel under the brand name kalmstrom.com Business Solutions. The common theme for the kalmstrom.com applications is that they add functionality on top of the Microsoft products they build on.

The company behind the brand is the family owned Kalmstrom Enterprises AB, a Swedish business with customers all over the world.

For more information, please refer to the kalmstrom.com website. You are also welcome to contact Kate Kalmstrom at sales@kalmstrom.com.