Kanban Task Manager Video Demonstrations

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logoYou are welcome to watch and share these video demonstrations on how to set up and use Kanban Task Manager.

Most of the demonstrations show the Sandboxed Solution, but if nothing else is mentioned the Add-in works in the same way.



1. Introduction, Add-in

Overview over the SharePoint Add-in edition of Kanban Task Manager.

2. Create an app/add-in catalog

Make Kanban Task Manager avaliable for all sites by adding it to an app catalog.
More demos below!

Sandboxed Solution


3. Introduction, Sandboxed Solution

Overview over the SharePoint Sandboxed Solution edition of Kanban Task Manager.

4. Installation

Learn how to install, activate and configure the Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Sandboxed Solution.

5. Activate Sandboxed Code Services

Sometimes you have to start the Microsoft SharePoint Sandboxed Code Services before you can activate Kanban Task Manager.

6. Embed My Tasks

Silent video on how to embed My Tasks in a page. My Tasks shows each user his or her own open tasks.

7. Upgrade

Silent video on how to upgrade the sandboxed solution.

Both Editions


8. Settings

The Kanban Task Manager configuration options. The add-in has an app part instead of Embed My Tasks and "move between boards" is not possible.

9. Statistics

See how you can take advantage of the Kanban Task Manager Excel reports.

10. RSS Feed

Share your kanban board in SharePoint with others in your organization by creating an RSS feed for the page.

11. Customize Task Form with InfoPath

Learn how to customize the Kanban Task Manager task form with InfoPath.

12. Convert E-mails To Tasks

Use Kanban Task Manager with HelpDesk OSP to convert e-mails to tasks on the SharePoint kanban board.

For conversion of e-mails into Kanban Task Manager tasks, also refer to http://www.kalmstrom.com/FAQ/TaskManager/0003.htm

12. Sync with Microsoft Project

Synchronize Kanban Task Manager and Microsoft Project.

13. Slideshow

The Kanban Task Manager slideshow as a video.