Kanban Task Manager – press release

New Views In Kanban Task Manager V5

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Borgholm, Sweden, 12 December 2016

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions has released version 5 of Kanban Task Manager for Outlook, the Outlook add-on for kanban style task and project management. With the new version users can see the task cards in month and project views, in addition to the main kanban view. There are also more graphic indicators and a possibility to have more than one column of task cards in each phase column on the kanban board.

Group tasks in phases and lanes

Kanban Task Manager uses Outlook tasks that have been given extra dropdowns for project, responsible and lane. A custom parameter can also be added. The Outlook tasks are visualized as color coded cards on a kanban board, and the cards can of course be dragged between or within the board's phases and lanes.

Month and Project views
Kanban Task Manager V5 gives users the possibility to view tasks in new ways, with a month view and project view. These two views give managers good overviews of task distribution over time and among projects.

New icons
When the completed field in the task form is filled out, version 5 of Kanban Task Manager shows a completed icon on the task card. Priority icons for high and low priority are also displayed, and when a task is overdue it is shown with a red border. The completed icon also gets a red top.


kalmstrom.com Business Solutions offers a trial period of 30 days for the full version of Kanban Task Manager. During the evaluation the kalmstrom.com team gives full support, just as support and upgrades are included for organizations that subscribe to Kanban Task Manager.

The kalmstrom.com team Peter Kalmström and his team develop and market add-ons for Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint under the brand name kalmstrom.com Business Solutions. The company behind the brand is the family owned Kalmstrom Enterprises AB, a Swedish business with customers all over the world. The common theme for the kalmstrom.com applications is that they add functionality on top of the Microsoft products they build on.

More info
For further information, please refer to the kalmstrom.com website. You are also welcome to contact support@kalmstrom.com for technical questions and  sales@kalmstrom.com for sales matters.