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Support Contracts

SharePoint and Office Assistance

Do you need to consult an expert for a few hours a month and want to make sure that the expert is available to you? A support contract gives you access to the SharePoint and Outlook specialists of the kalmstrom.com support team for a contracted number of hours per month.

You might, for example, need assistance to get started with a new project which you later want to manage yourself. Let the kalmstrom.com team help you in the beginning, so that you have a solid base to build on. After that you can cancel the contract or continue with a lower number of hours per month. A support contract will always give you the security of knowing that assistance is near at hand if needed.


The cost for a support contract varies with the lenght of the support period and the number of hours per month. Generally each hour is cheaper if you contract us for more hours and for a longer period.

Please contact us for more information and pricing. If you so wish, we can include licensing for one or more kalmstrom.com Solutions in the offer.

Online meeting

We most often start the support contracts with an online meeting/workshop with Peter Kalmström, where the requirements and possibilities are discussed.


"Kalmström is a skilled and dedicated consultant who always has the best for the customer in view. Peter and his team have a great ability to find custom solutions, always with a friendly approach. "
Pierre Halldén, AB Ludvig Svensson, long time support customer

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