Upgrade TimeCard Workgroup  ‒ ASP reporting option

Three parts need to be upgraded if you upgrade your existing TimeCard ASP option: Application files, Database structure and Client Tools.

Application Files

1) First upgrade the TimeCard workgroup folder (which is likely a shared networked folder) by running TimeCardWorkgroupSetup.exe.

2) Go to the TimeCard Workgroup folder, and copy and overwrite the following files to the TimeCard web folder (which is likely under your IIS root folder):


Database structure

Run the newly updated TCCommonSettings.exe within the IIS root folder (most likely you would need to do this on the Server machine) and Click OK. Doing this, it will upgrade your old database to the new specification. Your existing data will be unaffected.

Client tools upgrade

When the workgroup installation is upgraded, every client needs to run the client tool setup.

If the users have access to the shared folder where TimeCard was initially installed, from each client machine, go into the TimeCard root file folder on the network drive and run the file TimeCardClientSetup.exe.

If the users do not have access to the shared folder, the administrator can put the client tool installer in a web folder for the users (or e-mail them as an attachment). In that case, use the files TimeCardClientSetup.exe and TCCT.exe. Both files should be copied to the client system and then the TimeCardClientSetup.exe should be run to install the client tools.

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